ERC Consolidator Grant 2020 open


Dear all,

European Research Council’s Consolidator Grant 2020 call is now open and is going to close on 4 February 2020.

Here is a summary by TUBITAK and here is the official call page. This is the final CoG call of the program under Horizon 2020. The scheme has around 12% success rate. The grant brings in a budget up to 2M EUR for a Principal Investigator’s research group for a bottom-up, groundbreaking project that would run for up to 5 years. An additional 1M EUR budget can be asked for expensive equipment and/or large-scale fieldwork.

We prepared a Google Drive folder here for the main documents (as soon as the submission service is open, we will also upload current proposal templates). We also included a couple of info presentations.

You should have received your PhD degree between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2012 to be eligible. For conditions of extension to this window, please talk to us.

Between RPDTTD and TUBITAK, a number of support schemes are available for your proposal development. TUBITAK has a deadline of 21 December 2019 for applications to its ERC preparation support scheme. Contact us (if you have not done so) and we can schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Also note that KU awards a net amount of 2500 USD bonus to your salary for the duration of your project if your ERC proposal is funded. This on top of the “success award” TUBITAK is offering (for details, click here).

In case your proposal passes the first stage but fails at the second stage, TUBITAK now has a matching fund under the 2247-B scheme, and offers a project budget of 500K TL to ERC proposals ranked “B” at the second stage, and of 1M TL to those ranked “A” at this stage.

Please note: RPDTTD needs to be involved in your application, especially in its budget design. Inform us about your preparation well ahead of the deadline.