RPDTTD Director Ebru Tan was one of the panelists at the Licensing Executive Society (US & Canada) Annual Meeting organized in San Fransisco back in October 2014. She has presented in the panel titled, "Developing a Cultural Bridge into a Knowledge Based Economy: The World of Research, Intellectual Property and Licensing as it is evolving in some Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries”.

The panel provided viewpoints from an intellectual property and technology transfer perspective to answer the questions, “How does one build a knowledge based society where it didn’t exist before?” “How do these societies take to looking at or learning about intellectual property?”, “What types of policies are being put in place to facilitate these dynamic transformations?”, “What are the current results of the activities?”, “What are the hoped for outcomes from all of these activities?”

John McEntire, Director of IP Commercialization, Qatar Foundation, Sheikha Al Akhzami, Acting Director of Innovation Affairs Department, Sultan Qaboos University were her fellow panelists.