Istanbul Development Agency announced 8 Financial Assistance Program in November, 2014. Beneficiary institutions submitted a total of 614 applications, of which 161 are going to be funded. 4 out of 6 applications of Koç University are among those projects to be funded. Koç University is also included in a supported Sabanci University project as a partner.

Projects which are eligible for granted;

  1. Incubation and Entrepreneurship Research Center – KUGAM Project
  2. Koç University Library’s "Beyoğlu Research Centers’ Platform and Collective Library Catalogue Project"
  3. College of Social Sciences and Humanities’ "Traces of History for Contemporary Creativity: Urban Archaeology and Küçükyalı ArcheoPark"
  4. College of Administrative Sciences and Economics’ "Women’s Entrepreneurship and Labor Force Participation of Women: Evidence-Based Education and Promotion Strategies Project"